Privacy & Security

Q. I love the new website. What has changed?

A. The latest version of the website offers increased levels of security and we've also made it far easier for you to use, especially on mobile phones and tablets.

Q. Why do I need to reset my Password?

A. As part of our update we have upgraded our login and identity system for increased security and now require all users to set a password of 10 characters or more.

Q. I can't see the section for 'Activators'

A. Your 'Activators' are now known as 'Account Executors'.

Q. How do my 'Account Executors' gain access to the information stored within my account?

A. With the new website we have two methods for you to choose from:

  1. One of your 'Account Executors' needs to send us a copy of your death certificate that our team then verifies with the General Register Office (GRO). After this has been verified we will then contact your 'Account Executors' to let them know that they have access to the information within your account.
  2. Two of your three 'Account Executors' need to notify us that you have died, and we then will set in to motion the release of information to them. We will first try to contact you (using the contact details you have given us) to ensure that you are not still alive and well. It is for this reason we do ask you to choose your 'Account Executors' wisely. To find out more click here.

Q. I don't have any 'Account Executors' who have accepted in the new website, when I did have on the old website. Where are they?

A. To increase security, we now require all 'Account Executors' to also be members of Once I've Gone. We have sent them a mail to let them know. But if you don't hear anything you can resend the request from your 'Account Executors' page.

Q. I can't see the 'Help and Planning' section anymore?

A. We have removed this section for the time being and will be re-launching later in the year.

Q. Where has the 'Filing Cabinet' gone?

A. The 'Filing Cabinet' has now become a part of the 'Vault' in the new website, making it easier to upload, store and view documents. Don't worry about any of your documents, as we have migrated all the files over for you.

Q. I can't see the 'Life Story' section on the new website?

A. We have removed this section and will be looking to re-launch in the future.

Q. Where can I find the blog?

A. We have hidden the blog for the time being. This will be back later this year... only better.

Q. Tell me about Once I've Gone and GDPR?

A. In line with GDPR we have updated our privacy policy. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.

Q. Anything else?

A. Finally, if you have any issues with our website or would simply like to find our more, please contact the team on [email protected]