Frequently asked questions, get help using Once I've Gone features like the Vault, Bucket List, Final Wishes and adding Trusted Contacts

Privacy & Security

Q. Is my information ever shared with third parties/advertisers?

A. No, all information added to the website is securely encrypted and will only ever be accessed by your chosen trusted contacts. We will never share any of your data, and will not make your information available to anyone else.

Q. How will Once I've Gone use my information?

A. All the information you upload and store in your Once I've Gone Account is securely encrypted. It is not viewable by anyone including the team at Once I've Gone. Your information will only ever be viewable by yourself and your chosen trusted contacts, once you've gone. In the future we will be able to suggest legal/financial policies that you might be interested in to help get your affairs in order.

Q. How secure is Once I've Gone?

A. We at Once I've Gone take security very seriously. It underpins how our product is implemented and the policies we have in place for maintaining that security. Your information is encrypted and stored using industry leading technology. Visit our security page to find out more.

Trusted Contacts

Q. What is a Trusted Contact?

A. Trusted Contacts can be anyone - one of your children, your spouse, a sibling, or your closest friends. It is important that you chose someone that you really trust, as these people will have access to a copy of all documents stored within your vault, (apart from your legacy messages) when you are no longer around.

Q. Why do I need a minimum of 3 Trusted Contacts?

A. Without Trusted Contacts, all the information stored within your vault will remain there, out of reach of those who really need it. We recommend that you add a minimum of three to ensure that should you and one of your Trusted Contacts pass away at the same time, the information stored within your vault can still be accessed by those who need it.

Q. Is a Trusted Contact a legal position


Q. Do my Once I've Gone Trusted Contacts need to be the same people listed as the executors in my will?

A. No. However, your Trusted Contacts should be individuals you trust, as these people will have access to documents stored within your vault. Having at least one of your Trusted Contacts consistent with the nominated executors in your legal will ensures that they'll have access to the information contained within your account, making life easier once you have gone.

Q. Can I change my Once I've Gone Trusted Contacts?

A. Yes, you have complete control over your Trusted Contacts. You can add or delete Trusted Contacts in the Trusted Contacts section of the website. If you delete a Trusted Contacts, they will receive an email to notifying them. You can always add them again in the future if your circumstances change.

Q. What information can my Trusted Contacts see whilst I am still alive?

A. Your Trusted Contacts are not able to view any information within your account whilst you are still alive. They are only given access after we have verified your passing.

Q. Can my Trusted Contacts see the Messages I have left for people?

A. No, these are completely hidden and will only ever be viewed by the individuals the messages were intended for.

Q. How do my Trusted Contacts access my funeral wishes?

A. Your Trusted Contacts are given access to your funeral wishes, once your passing has been verified by the team at Once I've Gone.

Q. What are Account Executors?

A. Trusted Contacts were previously referred to as Account Executors. We changed the name to Trusted Contacts to reduce the risk of any potential confusion with the legally recognised executors of an estate.

Using the Vault

Q. What documents should I store within the vault?

A. It's entirely up to you. As well as your important legal and financial documents (Will, Bank Accounts, Life Insurance, LPA's, Stocks and Share's) you can also store information about utility bills, memberships, car insurance and everything that your next-of-kin will need to organize your estate and to help life carry on after you've gone.

Q. How many files can I store within my digital vault?

A. There is currently no limit to the number of files you can upload and store within your digital vault. However, it is not intended to used for storage of your entire photo album, movie and music collections.

Q. How do people access the information stored within my vault?

A. Information stored within the vault will remain secure until one of your Trusted Contacts submits a notice that you're no longer around. At this point we will start the process of verifying your death. Once verified, the contents of your account are released to your Trusted Contacts

Q. How do you verify an account holder has passed away?

A. Within your Profile there are two options available for you to choose how you want verification to be processed

  • Official Verification. Using information supplied by your Trusted Contacts, Once I've Gone will contact the General Register Office (GRO) where your death is registered in order to verify it. This is the default setting
  • Trusted Contact Verification. Requires at least 2 of your Trusted Contacts to notify us with corroborating information. After a period of 24hrs from first the first notice we recieve, your account will be released to all Trusted Contacts
Q. What happens to the information stored within my vault after my death?

A. The information within your vault will remain available until all Trusted Contacts have deleted their copies. After which your account will be permanantely removed.

Q. I have a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR). Can I add this?

A. You can add a digital copy of this to your vault, however this can only be accessed by your Trusted Contacts after your passing (we know... it's not much use by then). You need to have a conversation with your family members regarding your DNR wishes, so that they know your wishes and also where your DNR is kept.


Q. What items can I add to my list of 'Gifts'?

A. During our lifetime, we build up collection of belongings, some of which hold far more sentimental than financial value. These items are often too small to be added to a will, but this doesn't mean that they are not just as important. These could include a cherished item of jewellery, a family heirloom or something as simple as an old leather jacket, that you know your friend would love. Please remember that this is just a wish list and not a legal document. If you want to make it legal, you will need to add to your 'Will'.

Q. Are the 'Gifts' a legal document?

A. No. It is simply a wish list to help your next-of-kin deal with your estate. If you want it to become a legal document, you will need to create a 'Letter of Instruction' and formally add to this your Will. Click this link for more information

Final Messages

Q. Can my Trusted Contacts see all of my Final Messages?

A. No. The messages are not viewable by anyone apart from the person that you have left if for. They will only receive it once you've gone.

Q. What happens to the Final Messages when I die?

A. As soon as we have verified your passing, an email is sent for each person that you left a message for. They will need create an account if they don't already have one, then sign in. They can then download the message to keep forever.

Final Wishes

Q. I want to plan my own funeral but don't know where to begin?

A. Planning your own funeral is a great way of ensuring that your send-off is a celebration of your life, and will relieve family and friends of difficult decisions at a painful time. You can start by adding your favorite songs, readings and dress code, and when ready decide whether you want a burial or cremation. It's a final act of unconditional love.

Bucket List

Q. What is a Bucket List?

A. A ‘Bucket List' is a list of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. The great thing about starting your own, is that you are far more likely to turn these dreams into a reality. If you don't manage to tick off all the items on your Bucket List we can (if you wish) pass it on to your Trusted Contacts who can achieve these items on your behalf.

Trouble Signing In

Q. What can I do if I'm having trouble signing in

A. If you have trouble signing in to your Once I've Gone Account, please try the following:

  • When typing your password, make sure the Caps Lock key isn't on (passwords are case-sensitive).
  • Make sure you're typing the email address and password for your Once I've Gone Account.
  • If you can't remember your password, or you see a message that your account has been disabled for security reasons (which might happen if someone tried and failed to sign in multiple times), you need to reset your password.


Q. Is there a cost to use Once I've Gone?

A. There is no cost for using Once I've Gone

Q. Can I close/delete my Once I've Gone account?

A. Absolutely, however we hope that this is something you don't need to consider. By using Once I've Gone you really are making life easier for those left behind.