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  • Will Writing

    It's pretty easy to get a will written, have you done yours yet?

  • Equity Release

    Find out how you can release money from your house so that you can get to work on that Bucket List!

  • Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

    Funerals are a pretty serious business, but if you want to be in charge of the party (and pay in advance) you can arrange the lot!

  • Lasting Power of Attorney

    If you are left unable to make important decisions about your personal welfare, then you'll need someone to help.

  • Health Insurance

    Are looking for private medical insurance, a way to cover your everyday healthcare costs, or a personal accident plan.

  • Investment

    Still putting your money in that tired old bank account? Learn about how to create a great investment plan to make your money go further?

  • Probate

    If you get named as the person in charge of a will (Executor), you'll need to know all about the "Grant of Probate" - what's that you ask?

  • Wealth Management

    What happens to your money once you've gone? Find out how you can plan for a savvy financial future for your family.

  • Estate Planning

    What happens to your estate once you've gone now? Plan now for a better future for your family.

  • Funeral Directors

    Get the send-off you deserve, by ensuring you choose the right funeral director.

  • Income Protection

    Getting paid is great - and often a given, but what happens if you get poorly and suddenly your salary stops?

  • Insurance

    Insurance what? It gets pretty confusing trying to figure out what cover you need and why. We can help you find out what's best for you.

  • Long Term Care

    Thinking long term? It's time to start planning for when you need help popping your slippers on - find out how to plan for some extra care.

  • Pensions

    Pensions are the "future fund" for your life and you'll want to make sure you've got it all sorted out.

  • Retirement Planning

    Put your feet up and imagine retirement...actually, let's get real and plan seriously for when you finally stop work.

  • Trusts

    Trust in the future and create a Trust Fund to provide security for your family.

  • Will Disputes

    Wills can sometimes unfortunately be a hot-bed for disputes, ambiguity and debate.

  • Inheritance Tax

    The only certainty in life is death and taxes, but hold up... you can plan your battle against the tax man well in advance.

  • Critical Illness

    Money gets pretty tight if you are not working - and serious illness can knock your finances off the perch.

  • Celebrants

    These days there is choice - keep this in your mind when deciding who should lead your funeral service, and what should be said.

  • EOL Doulas

    The role of end of life doula is one of supporter and companion, in a non-medical capacity, to people living with life limiting illness.

  • Green Burials

    A woodland burial provides a great alternative to a traditional burial, and gives your family somewhere beautiful to visit for years to come.