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About Once I've Gone

Once I've Gone is run by an experienced team of people who care about the future – concentrating on celebrating life.

We believe in embracing and living in the moment, but many of you will have families and friends to look after, now, and also once you've gone.

Our aim is to enable people across the world to plan for tomorrow, while living today. To keep secure their vital documents, to create and keep safe special memories and to plan for the future wellbeing of their loved ones.

When you are not around anymore it's important to know that your family and friends can trust they will be able to organise your affairs, act as you'd wish and remember you as you'd like to be remembered.

This is why we’ve created Once I've Gone, to take away the strain and hardship of sifting for papers, rifling through decades-old paperwork, looking for the Will they knew you'd written years ago. Grief can taint the world in grey streaks, and beyond the formal circumstances, we want our members to be at peace, knowing they've done all they can to make life a little easier for the people they leave behind.

We know it's not easy to think about not being around anymore, not holding hands with your children, your partners and your friends, but we also know that you can ease this time by planning ahead.

As they say, there is only one certainty in life, death and taxes, and that's why we have created Once I've Gone

Ian Dibb

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