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Empowering individuals to collect and organise the details of their lives and legacies. Not just for them, but for their loved ones.

Why we care

My life changed when both my mother and my sister passed away in the space of two years. Neither of them had let any of the family know what they would like to happen in the event of their deaths. Making difficult decisions on their behalf at an emotional time was really tough. My aim in founding the company was to make things easier for other people dealing with the loss of a loved one. There was so much to sort out, and so much information that was hard to find.

Ian Dibb
Founder and CEO of Once I’ve Gone

Who we are

Ian Dibb

Founder and CEO

Passionate and inspirational entrepreneur with extensive market knowledge and user understanding. Ian lives in Cornwall with his wife and children, where you’ll often find him on his paddle board or walking his dog.

Shaun Cook

Co-Founder and CTO

Engineering leader, experienced in creating and delivering software and services internationally. Shaun loves nothing more than watching a movie, going to the beach and hanging out with his family. He wishes he had a cat.

Sarah Wilkinson

Co-Founder and COO

Operations & Programme Manager, experienced in scaling and managing teams at an international level. Sarah lives in Cornwall with her family. When she isn’t donning her running gear and enjoying the outdoors, Sarah loves to bake cakes.

Mark Edmondson

Head of Partnerships

Sales and commercial leader with experience in managing and expanding sales teams and delivering revenue growth across multiple sectors and markets. Mark lives in Brighton with his family and enjoys sport and beach walks with the dog.

Susan Lynch

Head of Marketing

Senior marketing professional with experience in the public and private sector in Ireland, Denmark and the UK. Living in Bristol with her family, she enjoys off-road running, likes the challenge of weightlifting and a bit of boxing too.

Derek Morgan

Head of Product

Senior Product and Programme Manager. Experienced in leading product strategy and delivery for startup and growth stage businesses with global customers. Living in Buckinghamshire with his wife and two children, he is also a keen photographer.

Mark Burnett

Data Protection Officer

Mark is the founder CEO of Hope and May, an experienced international data protection practice, and has worked in the privacy sector for more than 10 years. Mark operates as an independent DPO for Once I’ve Gone.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board comprises of highly qualified and experienced individuals with expertise across the UK and international markets. With backgrounds in healthcare, Apple, Google, PWC, and Lifebook to name a few, the combined knowledge, advice, and mentoring that these individuals bring to the team is invaluable. Their experience ranges from cloud security, cybersecurity, data security, risk management, fraud protection, IT management, entrepreneurship, innovation, engineering, sales development, marketing, core business operations, and GDPR legislation. Some members have also founded/co-founded their own successful companies in the UK and across the world.


We partner with legal, financial and charity organisations with one consistent aim – to bring value to both you and your clients and supporters. Get in touch to find out what we can do together

Financial and legal

Get closer to your clients – sit down and go through their financial and estate planning, addressing will, trusts, gifts with clients and their families. And if someone dies, you can be there to support them

Employee Benefits

Attract the best employees by including OIG in your employee benefits, showing you support them and their family for the future

Health Care

OIG complements health insurance and long term health care planning. Offer OIG as a huge value-add to your clients


We offer OIG subscriptions to a whole range of charities. Provide value for your supporter, and generate revenue through our Charity Gifting features

People we work with

At Once I’ve Gone we work closely with a range of companies and institutions. Our services are made available through employment benefit packages and financial products, as well as being offered for free to terminally ill, veterans and those most in need.

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If you’d like to find out how Once I’ve Gone can help you, your family or business, fill out the form and one of our staff will be in touch.

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